Your partner in your Digital Transformation Journey

  • Pragmatic approach focused towards execution
  • Flexibility and customization to your specific needs
  • An agile approach that aims at quick tangible results


Digital Strategy

Vision and Roadmap

  • Evaluation of Digital Maturity
Using our Digital Maturity matrix we will work with you to determine your current state: how digitally mature are your internal processes, your technology and your people. What is the digital maturity of your competitors and how is your market segment evolving? Is your operating model set up to support your strategy? Do you have the right competences?
  • Creation of Transformation Map
Based on your digital maturity and how “digital” fits into your strategy we determine together with you what your digital ambition should be: improve or transform; and create a high level transformation plan and break it down into actionable parts – to initiate the transformation journey
  • Definition of Bi-Modal Strategy
Explore new business models and new digital opportunities has to be done in a way that it does not endanger the existing income-generating business: the challenge companies are facing is to have structures that allow them to operate in a parallel mode, both “exploring” and “exploiting”. We support you in setting these bi-modal structures up and integrating them into your transformation roadmap


Digital Transformation

Implementation and Governance
  • Digital Transformation Program Office
  • Governance of the Digital Initiative
  • Cultural Transformation support


The Digital Transformation of your company will be successful if agile principles are applied: creating multiple transversal teams that work in an autonomous manner towards the transformation goals and combining a bottom-up approaches with a top down strategy in a critical balance are the challenges that you will be facing. We work with you to create the right “mechanics” when you initiate your Digital Transformation or we work with you, in case of an ongoing initiative, to “re-focus” an ongoing transformation towards the strategic goals of your company.


Training & Coaching

Change Management
  • Digital Awareness Training: a 4h introductory workshop, addressed to the general audience, discussing the Why/What/How of Digital Transformation
  • Digital Transformation for Executives: a 2 day workshop addressed to the company´s top executives. Key concepts and the a systematic approach to Digital Transformation are discussed along a practical Customer Journey exercise
  • Digital Transformation Enablers: a 5 day training for the key persons that will be actively working on digital transformation projects. A training where key tools out of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile are discussed and practiced with exercises and workshops
  • Customer Journey Workshops: half- to full day workshops where specific parts of the customer journey are mapped by a transversal team, including both internal and external customers
  • Agile Techniques: a 2 day practical training addressed to managers, discussing how to apply the Scrum framework in a wider context than the traditional IT developer use cases
  • Digital Change Management: organization of 1 or 2 day “Hackathons” – creative problem solving sessions, where participants from various areas of the company and with a wide set of skills, both technical and business, get together to come up with innovative digital approaches. These sessions create a strong sense of involvement and buy-in to your digital transformation initiative